Licensee Spotlight: Stingers & Spores for Savage Worlds

Published On: June 14, 2022Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Stingers & Spores, the latest setting for Savage Worlds from licensee Twitchy Butcher Studios, is now available over on DriveThruRPG!

This 178-page PDF introduces players and GMs to the perilous lands of the Insect Kingdoms—a sprawling fantasy world of towering tree tops, sacred fungal groves, and dark, underground burrows, where all the characters are insects.

Play hornet barbarians, beetle paladins, roach rogues, butterfly wizards, or any other wacky combination of bug heroes.

Offering dozens of strange new Edges and Hindrances, six new Arcane Backgrounds, new gear and weapons, and new Setting Rules, Stingers & Spores has expanded on the already expansive Savage Worlds rules for character creation and play. Find new mechanics for playing bugs of any size, from the tiniest gnats to the largest Hercules Beetles.

If that wasn’t enough, Twitchy Butcher Studios has also bundled in Hiverunners, a cyberpunk crossover with the renowned SWAG product Sprawlrunners. This 24-page mini-setting shows the dystopian future of the Insect Kingdoms, ruled by invincible, corporate spider overlords. Only the craftiest punk rockers, hackers, and cybugs can survive arachnid tyranny.

Grab both settings today and get ready to experience this new and exciting world through the compound eyes of the bugs who live there!

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