Licensee Spotlight: Stingers & Spores from Twitchy Butcher Studios

Published On: February 2, 2021Categories: News

Experience a dark fantasy world from a bug’s point of view in Stingers & Spores: The Leaping Jaws for Savage Worlds!

Stingers & Spores, from licensee Twitchy Butcher Studios (Gods and Masters), is a dark fantasy romp through the Insect Kingdoms, a harsh land filled with tiny, six-legged denizens, exotic cultures beneath every log, and death around every corner.

This 32-page JumpStart includes:

* Six new playable races, from the armored beetle and imposing hornet, to the ravenous mantis and spindly stick bug
* Three weird and silly new Hindrances for insect characters
* Three new Arcane Backgrounds, to give bug characters a dose of magical power
* A 13-page adventure (4-6 hours of play time) that puts players in the middle of the wondrous but unforgiving world of insects
* Five brand new allies and enemies
* Four new Wild Card NPCs, including two formidable enemies, one vicious monster, and an exotic beast ally for the players to befriend
* Six pregenerated insect characters in traditional fantasy roles: a barbarian, bug-at-arms, cleric, monk, ranger, and wizard
* A detailed character sheet containing all the information a player needs to remember, plus an optional third page for Arcane Background information
* A map of Lady Raphida’s Territory, in both a full-color and printer-friendly version

Do you have what it takes to survive the wilds when you are only half an inch tall? Or will you share the same fate as the dozens of bugs who vanished before you?

Pick up Stingers & Spores: The Leaping Jaws from DriveThruRPG today, but watch where you step!

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