Licensee Spotlight: Street Wolves for Savage Worlds

Published On: March 28, 2023Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Ace licensee Table Cat Games is excited to announce that Street Wolves is now available through Drive Thru RPG and the Table Cat Games online store.

Street Wolves is a synthwave-inspired, retro-future setting for Savage Worlds that drops your heroes into an altered 1980s full of crime lords, cults, wicked corporations, and one heinous conspiracy.

The Street Wolves Setting Core Rules feature:

  • An interactive PDF with a navigation menu bar and plenty of links to get you around quickly
  • Character creation (Street Wolf) using a Profession system for a well-rounded team, along with several archetypes
  • Retro-futuristic gear
  • Details about the world, including info on tech levels and differences between the “real world” and the one presented in the setting
  • Options for setting up a team of Street Wolves, and info on enemy factions
  • Mission generation tables and story hooks
  • Tables to flavor chases in a modern setting
  • Advice on how to run a movie-style montage with helpful tables
  • Details on several thematic setting rules such as the Drive system, Relationships, Leave, and the mysterious Vapor powers
  • 40+ NPCs
  • Form-fillable and print-friendly character sheets
  • A separate, shareable Player’s Guide

And lots more!

Power up your keytar, slip into your white linen suit, pop on those Wayfarers, and step out under the neon-colored sky of Street Wolves from licensee Table Cat Games!

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