Licensee Spotlight: Suzerain Legends on Kickstarter

Published On: October 6, 2020Categories: News

Fully-funded on Kickstarter in just five minutes, Suzerain Legends is an ENnie Award-winning roleplay setting for Savage Worlds in which you play a hero battling forces of elemental evil across multiple realms—from high fantasy to the fae lands, and from cyberpunk alleyways to post-apocalyptic wastes.

With Suzerain Legends, Ace licensee, Savage Mojo is taking their meta-setting to the next level by focusing on the depth and detail of one story across seven linked realms: the epic tale of a handful of heroes battling against the might of the Tempest!

With this Kickstarter, Savage Mojo is forging a new and expanded edition of Suzerain:

First, there will be a section added specifically dealing with Tempest servitors and critters. This bestiary is based on templates and gives over 15,000 combinations you can apply to any NPC or beastie, each offering unique challenges when encountered.

And second, they’re adding a Plot Point Campaign to introduce heroes to the Suzerain universe.

Visit the Kickstarter page today to check out all the Stretch Goals (several of which have already been unlocked as of this writing) and pledge your support for Suzerain Legends!

Bring the Hope. Be the Hero. The Realms need you!

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