Licensee Spotlight: SWADE Update for POLARIS: the Roleplaying Game

Published On: June 30, 2020Categories: News

“For centuries, wars and climatic catastrophes have ravaged the surface of the Earth, making it uninhabitable by all but the mutated and monstrous. Humanity, searching for refuge, combs the world’s oceans and finds sanctuary… and more. Welcome to POLARIS!”

Produced by Black Book Editions, our French-language translation partner, this new 13-page booklet is a game aid that allows you to play in the underwater world of POLARIS: The Roleplaying Game using the rules for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

To play, you also need to own the two core POLARIS rulebooks (Core Rulebook 1 and Core Rulebook 2) from DriveThruRPG as well as the core rulebook for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE). The Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion is also recommended.

Hold your breath and take a deep dive into the world of… POLARIS!

* Note that while was POLARIS was originally released in French, all links in this article are for the English translations.

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