Licensee Spotlight: The Art of Negotiation

Published On: March 23, 2021Categories: Licensee, News

Now available on DriveThruRPGThe Art of Negotiation from Dragonlaird Gaming is an optional rule subsystem for Savage Worlds to make negotiating and bargaining Fast, Furious, and Fun!

“There are all kinds of negotiations in life… Haggling the price for corporate secrets, pleading your case to the King’s court, brokering a peace treaty in a time of war, or even bargaining for your soul with the Devil himself! These situations deserve just as much spotlight and fun as combat.”

The Art of Negotiation includes rules for performing negotiations, two new Hindrances, two new Edges, and plenty of examples of ways you can use these new negotiation rules. It replaces the Social Conflict rules in SWADE for those situations where more drama, stakes, and attention is warranted.

Add The Art of Negotiation to your Savage Worlds campaigns today for only 99 cents… No questions asked!

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