Licensee Spotlight: The City of the Steam Sun on Indiegogo

Published On: April 16, 2019Categories: News

From “Ace” licensee, Steam Sun Games, comes The City of the Steam Sun, a new setting for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition that casts players into the gloomy realm of steampunk Limbo: an explosive mixture of steam technology and ancient magic, where mystical Victorian horror and adventure are played out under the dim rays of a metal steam sun!

Mathematically calculated, the City was to become the new Utopia of the rational age, but the disaster changed everything – the City fell into Limbo, the threshold of Hell. Progress faced ancient magic. The City became a part of Limbo, with no sunlight. The familiar world doesn’t exist anymore. There are other laws and other creatures here – but the scientific method maintains even in the maddest conditions. People lit their steam Sun here. Every morning it rises over the City on a huge rail. The authorities lead diplomatic negotiations with demons, inventors dream of the creation of a conscious automaton, and researchers dig for traces of ancient civilizations. Scientists and frauds, adventurers and magicians, evil geniuses and brilliant detectives… humans and demons. All of them dwell in the City of the Steam Sun.

Visit The City of the Steam Sun Indiegogo page now to find out more about this unique setting and to pledge your support. And be sure to download the 44-page FREE JumpStart available now from DriveThruRPG.

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