Licensee Spotlight: The City of the Steam Sun

Published On: August 18, 2020Categories: News

Now available from “Ace” licensee, Steam Sun Games, comes The City of the Steam Sun, a new setting for Savage Worlds that casts players into the gloomy realm of steampunk Limbo: an explosive mixture of steam technology and ancient magic, where mystical Victorian horror and adventure are played out under the dim rays of a metal steam sun!

The year is 1894. A mathematically and technologically advanced city was to become the new Utopia of the rational age, but a catastrophe changed everything – the city fell into Limbo, the threshold of Hell. Scientific progress faced ancient magic. The city and its people became trapped in a mystical realm that doesn’t see sunlight.

The familiar world doesn’t exist anymore. Limbo is governed by other laws, inhabited by other creatures – but the scientific method works in the most insane conditions as well. People lit their Steam Sun here. Every morning it rises above the City on a huge rail. Authorities conduct diplomatic negotiations with demons, inventors are crazy about creation of an intelligent automaton, explorers search for traces of ancient civilizations. Scientists, traders, officials, adventurers, cheaters, magicians, policemen, criminal clans, evil geniuses and brilliant detectives, human and demons. All manner of beings can be found in the City of the Steam Sun. Who will you become?

Start with The Book of Mortals, a 196-page PDF for players featuring basic information about the Web, its history and the organizations operating within it along with more than 40 new Edges and Hindrances, new pneumatic, steam, and technomagic weapons, rules for inventions, new Arcane Backgrounds, information about secret societies, and more.

Game Masters will want to get their claws on the 132-page The Book of Creator containing the history of Limbo, several named and generic NPCs, additional game rules, and three Savage Tales suitable for Novice heroes.

If you want a sneak peek of The City of the Steam Sun, be sure to download the FREE, updated 44-page JumpStart from DriveThruRPG today and we’ll see you all in Limbo!

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