Licensee Spotlight: The Drowned War for Savage Worlds

Published On: June 11, 2024Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

The new, “Expanded Edition” of the Drowned War from Ace licensee Star City Savages is available now in both PDF and digest-size print-on-demand!

The Drowned War is a flooded post-apocalyptic world where refugees scrape supplies from a world lost beneath the waves. Flotillas, floating mega-cities, carry on bloody conflicts in refugee territory, mutant aberrations stalk the waters, and alien horrors experiment on humanity.

Within its pages, you’ll find new races like the charming Kitsune or the tough Cora, new rules for cyberware and spliceware augmentation, new Arcane Backgrounds including the Homunculi and the Hydromancer, and a flexible setting allowing players to create characters from any genre.

The Drowned War also includes a complete Plot Point Campaign!

Visit DriveThruRPG today to order your copy of the Drowned War for Savage Worlds in PDF, hardcover, or softcover and become unsinkable!

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