Licensee Spotlight: The Dwarf’s Demise for Savage Worlds

Published On: July 5, 2022Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Now available from Ace licensee Arme Blanche Games, The Dwarf’s Demise is a new 51-page adventure for Savage Worlds set in the world of ‘By a Thread.’

“Many envied Rolf Undermountain. Earlier today, the brilliant, wealthy dirigible tycoon was found dead in his office. Police ask the PCs to solve the murder. Is his partner really the culprit?

“This pulp mystery takes heroes on a wild ride among the movers and shakers of downtown Brighton. What kinds of secrets did Rolf hold? Who would benefit the most from his death? In the end, will the characters find an even greater threat?”

This module is intended for groups of four or five players, but it easily scales to larger or smaller groups. Six pregenerated characters are included.

If you’ve got what it takes to solve the crime, visit DriveThruRPG today to get your PDF copy of The Dwarf’s Demise along with The Dwarf’s Demise Map Pack optimized for use with your VTT of choice.

Thomas “Buddy” Shay from Arme Blanche Games will take your questions about The Dwarf’s Demise and his company’s other Savage Worlds titles on July 28th during our weekly Savage Worlds Summer Showcase on Twitch!

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