Licensee Spotlight: The Eye of Xalath

Published On: November 20, 2018Categories: News

Now available for Beasts & Barbarians from Savage Worlds Ace licensee GRAmel Books, The Eye of Xalath is a 45-page Book of Lore Expansion and adventure for a party of four Seasoned heroes:

Human sacrifices are always a messy thing, especially if you are the chosen victim!

Trapped in a very dangerous situation in Tricarnia, the Land of Demons, you’ll have to make a flight in the dark to keep your neck away from the blood-hungry blade of a beautiful Tricarnian princess with nothing to lose except her soul. But this is only the beginning of the story, because, on the wings of the night, you’ll have to face the threats of one of the most mysterious places of the Dominions, the fabled Xalath, from which nobody emerges alive and sane.  

Are you ready to face the adventure?

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