Licensee Spotlight: The Radiance Adventure Engine for Use with Savage Worlds

Published On: September 13, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, News

Now funding on Kickstarter, the Radiance Adventure Engine from OddFish Games is a unique tool for anyone looking for a way to run Savage Worlds with little to no prep or to play your favorite tabletop RPG solo!

Using the Radiance cards, you create an adventure in a four-act structure that mimics the type of narrative arc you see in novels, movies, and television shows. As you play the story, plot, scene, and detail cards, you’ll be weaving the story prompts on each card into dramatic challenges for your hero(s). Then, you’ll roleplay through the adventure using Savage Worlds (or any other RPG system), working to overcome the challenges you set up.

For those who like to go deep, you can add more complexity to adventure generation by taking advantage of Radiance’s special mechanics – e.g., resolving B-stories, adding plot and scene complications, and earning hero rewards. Or you can keep it simple in “Imagination Mode,” where you use the cards as general inspiration when designing your next adventure.

Regardless of how you utilize it, the Radiance Adventure Engine will forever change the way you enjoy your favorite tabletop roleplaying games.

Visit the Radiance Adventure Engine Kickstarter page right now to review the Stretch Goals, Add-Ons, and Reward Tiers and to pledge your support!

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