Licensee Spotlight: The Roman Arena Comes to Savage Worlds

Published On: December 26, 2023Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, News

With just seven days left in the campaign, the Kickstarter for Savage Gladiators from licensee, Arion Games, is calling on you for support!

Ideal for use with Weird Wars Rome, Savage Gladiators brings fast and furious gladiatorial combat to Savage Worlds. From the first exposure to the arena as a condemned criminal or callow volunteer to the pinnacle of becoming the Colosseum champion, this book provides the rules for gladiator characters in the Roman Empire.

While designed to be used as a setting for Savage Worlds in its own right, where the characters are gladiators across a long career, it may also be used as an add on to an existing Roman campaign, or even as a fill-in game for occasional play!

Within this book you will find:

  • Gladiator character creation rules
  • New Hindrances and gladiator specific Edges for nine specialties
  • New rules for arena combat
  • New gear and weapons
  • Rules for Ludus design and development
  • Templates for running a gladiator campaign with tables to generate arena opponents and outside missions
  • A Plot Point campaign
  • A bestiary of common enemy types
  • Options for a purely historical campaign, an alt-history campaign, or incorporating gladiators into your fantasy game

The Roman arena comes to Savage Worlds with Savage Gladiators from Arion Games!

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