Licensee Spotlight: The Savage Sign 02 on Kickstarter

Published On: June 9, 2020Categories: News

After a successful campaign for The Savage Sign 01 last year, The Savage Sign 02 is now ready for you on Kickstarter!

Produced by Aaron “Ace” Acevedo (PEG Art Director) and his company, Sigil Entertainment, The Savage Sign 02 is a licensed Savage Worlds publication containing new creature features, fiction, Savage Tales, Savage Settings, maps, and more.

The Savage Sign 02 contains two original settings:

  • The Depths of Madness, a Lovecraftian take on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Join Capt. Nemo’s Submariner’s League to plumb the vast oceans, fight mad cultists, and encounter nightmares that humanity was not meant to see.
  • Islands of Fire, a place of vast and dangerous oceans, remote jungle islands, lakes of steaming lava, mysterious magic, and of natural beauty and savage cruelty.

And beyond those two exciting settings and their adventures, there are many more, from science fiction to horror to fantasy, all with amazing art and custom player and GM options.

To learn more and to pledge your support, check out the Kickstarter campaign for The Savage Sign 02. And be sure to follow Sigil Entertainment on Facebook for ALL the latest news!

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