Licensee Spotlight: Titan Effect Anniversary Promo

Published On: September 3, 2019Categories: News

Last Wednesday, August 28th, Savage Worlds Ace licensee, Knight Errant Media celebrated the first anniversary of the release of its tactical espionage and sci-fi setting, Titan Effect RPG!

To celebrate this milestone, all Knight Errant Media books and products (GM Screen Inserts, custom cards, original soundtrack, etc.) are currently 30% off on DriveThruRPG through Monday, September 9th.

Titan Effect RPG is James Bond meets the X-Men, combining biopunk, espionage, and the superhero genre. Titan Effect plunges you into a world brimming with conspiracies, secret organizations, dangerous bioengineered creatures, and psychic phenomena. A world where the boundary between “good” and “evil” is blurred.

Check out all of Knight Errant Media’s fine products at DriveThruRPG today!

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