Licensee Spotlight: Titan Effect RPG Bundle

Published On: December 22, 2020Categories: News

Just in time for the holidays, “Ace” licensee Knight Errant Media has unleashed a spectacular half-price digital bundle for their Titan Effect RPG that includes the setting book, a handful of One Sheet™ adventures, a killer soundtrack, maps, assets for VTTs, and much more.

You get almost $50 worth of SWADE-compatible excitement for just $24.71!

If you’ve been thinking of checking out Knight Errant’s explosive mix of espionage, biopunk, and superpowers, now is most definitely the BEST time!

Also if you’re an inspired game designer with ideas for expanding the Titan Effect RPG universe, Knight Errant Media has a Community Content program under the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG). Creators can now produce and publish SWAG content for use with the Titan Effect RPG without express permission from Knight Errant Media, by following the guidelines posted on their site.

Explore the wild universe of Titan Effect today, and then forge your own exciting content for it tomorrow!

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