Licensee Spotlight: Twitch Interview with Allan Wroe of Imaginarium Games

Published On: July 18, 2023Categories: Licensee, Media, News

This Thursday, July 20th, at 4pm Eastern, make your way over to the Band of Badgers Twitch channel for a lively chat with Allan Wroe of Ace licensee Imaginarium Games and the Secret Files of Section D for Savage Worlds.

The Secret Files of Section D is a Savage Worlds powered, pulp action roleplaying game, exploring the highly classified files of the British Secret Intelligence Service.

Formed in 1938, SIS Section D is a clandestine operations division officially tasked with gathering intelligence on Fascist and Bolshevik powers in Europe. Unofficially, there are much greater threats to the Empire, and even the world.

Enemy Pseudo-Science is real, magic is real, and miracles happen. Aliens have not only visited Earth; some are still here. Atlantis didn’t sink into the sea, it flew away. A long, long way away. Yetis and Sasquatch stalk high mountains while the ancient beast beneath Loch Ness gets careless in her old age and was photographed in 1934. Secretive and sinister organizations influence the world, politically and financially, without holding power anywhere, and ancient pharaohs were buried deep for a reason.

Section D agents ultimately become embroiled in adventures and plots deeper, and more fantastic, than it is deemed safe to tell the general public.

To get your hands on this exciting setting, visit Imaginarium Games or check out the Imaginarium Games page over at DriveThruRPG to purchase the full PDF.

And don’t miss the one-on-one with designer Allan Wroe this Thursday on Twitch and YouTube!

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