Licensee Spotlight: Tyrnador from GRAmel

Published On: June 25, 2019Categories: News

Ace licensee, GRAmel (Beasts & Barbarians) has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar, a new high fantasy setting where the OSR (Old School Renaissance) meets Savage Worlds. As of today, the project is now fully funded and they’re on their way to unlocking some amazing stretch goals!

Set in a classic fantasy world, Tyrnador lets you play ragtag scoundrels who, should they survive, can become great heroes!

The setting boasts a number of new elements for Savage Worlds including optional random character generation, resource management (light and rations), growing magical items, and a deep lore.

While dungeon crawling is one of the main focuses of the setting, Tyrnador is so much more than this: you can join a Faction, create a Stronghold, and become a true ruler of the realm!

Download the FREE 33-page Tyrnador Quickstart now, and visit the Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar Indiegogo page to check out the upcoming stretch goals and pledge your support for epic fantasy today!

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