Licensee Spotlight: Vermilium for Savage Worlds from White Witch Games

Published On: June 6, 2023Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Now available from licensee White Witch Games (Blood HuntCradle to Grave), Vermilium is a western-inspired, dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds in which you take on the roles of antiheroes in order to survive a dangerous frontier yet to be charted, tamed, or even understood.

Take up your sword, sixbow, or spell grimoire as you seek justice, retribution, infamy, knowledge, and power; and explore a new world built over the ruins of a long-forgotten industrial revolution scarred by magic.

The interactive, 202-page Vermilium PDF features:

  • Full gazetteers for both players and Game Masters detailing the rich setting of Vermilium and its many factions, strange locales, myths, and legends.
  • 7 major character bloodlines to play as, rules for creating characters of multiple bloodlines, and cultural options for each.
  • 50 new Edges and Hindrances.
  • Rules for supernatural diseases such as vampirism, the parasitic poxblight, and the lycanthropic azure agony.
  • Magic items, artifacts, and contraband, as well as rules for navigating the black market.
  • New setting rules for hunting and gathering creature components and supernatural ingredients, crafting and selling items and artifacts, and playing antiheroes in a strange new world.
  • Adventure and encounter generators, dozens of adventure hooks, and region-specific setting rules.
  • A formidable bestiary with nearly 100 profiles.
  • Beautiful illustrations by Alex Vede.

Also available are the revised character archetype cards, playing cards, game tokens, game master screen inserts, form-fillable character sheet, and world maps!

The world of Vermilium from White Witch Games is waiting…

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