Licensee Spotlight: YOUniversal Monsters Omnibus

Published On: June 9, 2020Categories: News

Now available from designer Jacob Blackmon and licensee Fainting Goat Games, the YOUniversal Monsters Omnibus is a new, terrifying, 21-page tome full of frightening foes to help add a little chill to your Savage Worlds games!

Dracula, the Frankenstein Monsters, the Mummy, Jack Frost, Krampus, and the Werewolf… All legends whose tales have been handed down through time, and who can serve as villains (or perhaps, as uncomfortable allies, under the right circumstances) for your heroes to face again and again.

Available through DriveThruRPG, the YOUniversal Monsters Omnibus presents eight of these classic monsters with stats and adventure seeds to help Game Masters fit them into almost any campaign setting.

Stock up on garlic, load your six-shooter with silver bullets, and get ready to storm that crumbling castle with torches and pitchforks in-hand. The YOUniversal Monsters are coming for you!

This book requires Savage Worlds Adventure Edition to play.

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