Licensee Spotlight: Zeta Complex for Savage Worlds

Published On: August 9, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, News

Now on Kickstarter, Zeta Complex from Ace licensee New Comet Games, is a comedy-action roleplaying game set in an apocalyptic future.

“The Authority (a small council controlled by a malfunctioning AI) believes it’s time for humanity to retake its rightful place on the surface. You are an operative for the Authority—armed with a laser, you are not at all equipped for what you must face. Luckily, you get to try, try, and try again, thanks to the blessings of the Authority.

“The dangers in this world are unpredictable, crazy, and deadly… and that is just the other operatives on your team. The surface of the Earth wasn’t abandoned for long, and its new denizens don’t recognize the authority of men or gods.

“There are also constant threats to the Authority as opposing factions struggle to overthrow its absolute rule. The Authority is always on the lookout for miscreants in need of proper re-education.”

The Zeta Complex setting book (along with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rules) includes everything you need to build your operative. The book also includes special rules for equipment, new Hindrances, Edges, robots, vehicles, factions, beta prototypes, a bestiary, mission builder, and an entire chapter of pre-generated missions that just need fleshing out.

Visit the Zeta Complex Kickstarter page today to review the add-ons (including a custom Action Deck, dice, and Bennies) and pledge your support!

“Always check your six, keep faith in the Authority, never trust your teammates, and pray you make your cloning check.”

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