Lucky Number Seven of Savage Worlds Explorer

Published On: October 30, 2018Categories: News

Coming at you fast and furiously, it’s the seventh action-packed issue of Savage Worlds Explorer. This issue features an all-new adventure for Deadlands, a selection of new gear for Rifts® for Savage Worlds, and the third installment of Savage Tales of the Red Band for The Last Parsec:

First up, Matthew Cutter takes the posse into the Weird West with House at the Edge o’ Nowhere. This challenging adventure for Deadlands is intended for a posse composed of Veteran or higher Rank heroes. You have been warned!

Second, Ben Meginnis presents the Triton Industries Catalog for Rifts® for Savage Worlds featuring new underwater weapons, armor, vehicles, and more.

And last, but certainly not least, Matt Cutter continues the Savage Tales of the Red Band series for The Last Parsec with Escape from Kalran, the third part in this ongoing, intergalatic series.

Preorder the print version of Issue Seven and get the PDF today (or just buy the PDF for the same price).

Savage Worlds Explorer requires a copy of the Savage Worlds core rules and may require additional books for each setting. Add some dice, a deck of cards, and a few brave explorers, and let the fun begin!

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