Make Way for the Fifth Issue of Savage Worlds Explorer!

Published On: February 6, 2018Categories: News

Calling All Explorers!

From a contemporary case of cold-blooded murder, to desert-dwelling, carnivorous terrors of the Weird West. And from a mystifying modern day investigation to Victorian-era horror in the Far East, the fifth, jam-packed issue of Savage Worlds Explorer has it all, this time featuring all-new material penned by Camdon Wright, Kyle Carty, Sean Tait Bircher, and our very own John Goff:

Two Birds, One Stone by Camdon Wright is a contemporary whodunit using the core rules. The Cowboy Killer is a new Creature Feature for Deadlands: Reloaded by Kyle Carty that introduces a nasty new threat to almost everyone out on the trail. Sean Tait Bircher delivers us a unique adventure for Rippers Resurrected titled Foxed, with the heroes finding themselves assisting the Toyko Lodge in a mission against a truly diabolical threat. And finally, veteran Savage Worlds writer, John Goff (of Deadlands: Noir fame) unleashes A Familiar Problem that casts the players as modern-day investigators working a rather unusual missing persons case.

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The Savage Worlds Explorer requires a copy of the Savage Worlds core rules and may also require the core books for each setting. Add a few dice, a deck or two of playing cards, a few eager explorers, and let the fun begin!

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