Make Your Way to Midnight City for S5E on Foundry VTT

Published On: May 14, 2024Categories: Crowdfunding, News, S5E from Sigil, Sigil Entertainment, VTT

For backers of the S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying for 5th Edition Kickstarter, your patience has been rewarded as the new Midnight City module is now available for Foundry VTT!

Midnight City takes the Iron Age of comics and applies that tone to a four-color setting, providing a locale where street level vigilantes, magicians, occultists, and paragons of hope mingle in an attempt to take back the city.

This module includes some exciting new rules for S5E including:

  • Gang and Criminal Generation tools
  • Controlling and Protecting territory
  • Safehouses and Strongholds
  • Resource Rolls and Purchasing
  • Reputation
  • Weapon Properties and Ambushes

You’ll also find a variety of fantastic additions for your campaigns:

  • 51 unique Midnight City actors including 20 heroes and villains, over a dozen monsters, enemies, and mooks
  • 4 new weapons
  • 25 features for you to customize your safehouse
  • A complete Midnight City Rulebook with details of the elaborate history of the city and its many denizens, unique new rules, details of every location and gang territories

Midnight City is the flames in which heroes are forged and with hope, courage, and strength, you may one-day find the means to undo Chronikus’ spell!

Use of Midnight City requires the S5E Core Rules Module for Foundry VTT.

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