Mapping Deadlands: the Weird West

Published On: September 29, 2020Categories: News

This week, the “Print-Ready” PDF releases for Deadlands: the Weird West are comin’ at ya’ fast and furious!

First up, whether you’re ridin’ the rails west from St. Louis to Shan Fan or workin’ your way back east from the Free City of Lost Angels to Little Rock, this gorgeous, full-color Map of the Weird West, rendered by the incomparable Cheyenne Wright, will help you find your way. Don’t hit the trails without it!

Second, the first place for thirsty travelers to stop in almost any town in the Weird West is the Grand Saloon—at least until they get wind of other watering holes peddling cheaper rotgut! Town Map Pack 1: The Grand Saloon includes the Grand Saloon itself, a newspaper office, bank, jail, dry goods store, and an undertaker.

And third, every town needs a place to properly say goodbye to loved ones—and hopefully ensure they remain in the dirt out in the Weird West! Town Map Pack 2: Boot Hill contains two more town maps, which can be used alongside Map Pack 1. This pack features a church and a graveyard, along with a blacksmith, water tower, schoolhouse, stables, a small tavern, and a boarding house.

Both Town Map Packs are full-color, laminated for wet- and dry-erase marker use, and feature a 1″ grid for your figure flats, tokens, or miniatures.

With these new maps in-hand, the only things gettin’ lost in the Weird West now… are souls!

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