Marching on to Weird Wars with the Latest Bundle of Holding

Published On: October 2, 2018Categories: News

Savage Worlds Great Deals For A Great CauseThings are gettin’ mighty weird around these parts because today through Monday, October 22nd, the weirdest wars of the 20th century, as presented in our Weird War I and Weird War II settings for Savage Worlds, can be yours thanks to the latest Bundles of Holding.

The Bundle of Holding is a site that presents time-limited offers of RPG ebooks at amazingly low prices in support of fantastic causes, and this time around, 10% of each purchase of these Weird Wars offers (after gateway fees) goes straight to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Climb out of your trenches and engage with the Weird War I Starter Collection. This collection contains the Weird War I Player’s Guide, the War Master’s Handbook, the Weird War I Creature Feature: The Graf Schmidt, five sets of Weird War I Archetypes (The Americans, The British, The French, The Germans, and Civilians), the Weird War I Horrors of War Figure Flats, and the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules, all for just $9.95!

And if you pay a little more than this offer’s low threshold price of only $19.95, you’ll round out your collection with five Weird War I adventures including Raid on Fort Douaumont, The 13th Warrior, Hellfighters, In Vin Veritas, and No Man’s Land, four Weird War I Combat Maps (Bridge, No Man’s Land, Trenches, and Village), and the War Master Screen Inserts.

Weird War IIAs for Weird War II, check your six and start things off with the Savage Collection. This bundle includes the Weird War II core rulebook, the Weird War II Player’s Guide, the Island of Dreams adventure, the Ardennes of Darkness mini-campaign, and the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules, for only $7.95!

Plus, if you want to expand your Weird War II experience, grab a hold of the d20 Collection starting at just $17.95. You’ll bring home Horrors of Weird War II, Afrika Korpse, Blood on the Rhine, Hell Freezes Over – The Russian Front, Land of the Rising Dead, Dead from Above, and Hell in the Hedgerows.

March to victory with these amazing Weird Wars Bundles of Holding today!

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