Meet the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Dev Team on the Wild Die Podcast

Published On: December 22, 2020Categories: News

Last Wednesday night (December 16th), Wild Die Harder hosts Eric Lamoureux, Karl Keesler, and Gary McCallum were joined by Michael Barbeau, Donald Schepis, and Chris Warner of the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds development team for a live and very informative Q&A on Twitch:

If you’re wondering what the team has in store for this upcoming project, be sure to carve out an hour-and-a-half to sit back and watch this fantastic discussion over on YouTube in anticipation of next month’s Kickstarter.

The Pathfinder for Savage Worlds core rulebook will include an adaptation of the Savage Worlds game mechanics for players to make and evolve characters, and for Game Masters to create games of their own design for play in Pathfinder’s world of Golarion. The Pathfinder for Savage Worlds boxed set will include the core rulebook as well as other elements of game play for Savage Worlds like Bennies, an Action Deck, Templates, Game Master Screen with adventure, Powers Cards, and more.

Additionally, next month’s Kickstarter will also feature a Boxed Set for Rise of the Runelords with all six books of this highly regarded Adventure Path. Retail release is planned for Q4 2021.

Check out the Wild Die Harder Q&A and watch this space for further details!

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