Megaverse® Insider Offer from Palladium Books

Published On: March 10, 2020Categories: News

Our partner, Palladium Books, is currently running a marvelous Megaverse® Insider Offer that is sure to appeal to fans of Rifts® for Savage Worlds!

What is the Megaverse® Insider Offer? A way to preorder fun and unique special Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two related products available ONLY during the limited three weeks that the Megaverse® Insider is available. When it ends, these special items are no longer available, which is what makes you an “Insider.” Only those of you who participate are guaranteed these special collector items at “Insider” prices. And most of the offers automatically get your name published in the credits pages of the book as one of our Insiders.

Bestiary, Vol. 2 “Megaverse® Insider” offers include such opportunities as a PDF of the book months before the PDF is made available to the public, signed and limited edition collector’s hardcovers, limited edition signed prints, sneak previews, original concept art, your name woven into the book as an unstatted character, help to build a chimera, create a creature, and more!

While this material is specifically for the original Palladium version of Rifts®, it doesn’t take much effort to convert to Savage Worlds.

This Megaverse® Insider Offer ends March 20 and these exclusive, super-limited bundles are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

See full details of this amazing offer at Palladium Books.

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