Tech Bunker

By John Stevens

You see a heavy bunker door built into the hillside. The door is covered in wires, crystals, gears, and other contraptions. A sign, written in American, simply reads “Get the Hell Outta Here!”

Those who can detect arcana can feel the mystic pulse of magic emanating from the door. An Occult or Repair roll at -2 indicates the door is of Techno-Wizard design. Survival and Notice skills reveal the area has been devoid of human activity for quite some time. 

A skilled Techno-Wizard can figure out the locking mechanic with a Techno-Wizardry roll. Mundane attempts must make a Thievery roll at -4. Alternately, using dispel can disengage the locking mechanism.

Failure results in a massive greater blast of magical energy covering a Large Blast template around the door. Critical Failure adds an extra damage die. Fortunately, the blast blows the door off its hinges revealing a dark, dank, bunker dug into the hill.

The bunker is a single hallway ending in a large tool room. Gadgets, gizmos, and spare parts litter the workbenches and the group finds a number of Techno-Wizard devices in good working order as well as 2d4x10,000 credits in valuable gemstones and other magical components.

An old scientific journal reveals the bunker belonged to Eliza Branch. A successful Common Knowledge roll tells the heroes that Branch was a famous local Techno-Wizard who disappeared a while back. The journals document her designs but grow increasingly strange toward the end. It seems she was experimenting with dimensional teleportation.

Investigating further with Notice or using detect arcana shows a false wall behind one of the workbenches. Getting it open requires a Thievery check at -2. Failure sends a wash of dimensional energy into the room. Everyone must make a Vigor check or fade out (become intangible per the power and unable to speak/communicate with the other world). 

Anyone in flux sees a massive generator in the hidden room and a woman cursing and kicking it – it’s Eliza Branch! Anyone unaffected sees an empty room but detect arcana shows the others, Branch, and the generator but they can’t be communicated with. A Shifter can open a communication rift between both groups otherwise communication will be cumbersome.

Branch is trying to fix her dimensional shifting generator and needs some help from the tools in her workroom, which are in the real world. Fixing the generator is a multi-person Dramatic Task using Arcane Skills, Repair, Electronics, or Thievery to coordinate the efforts from both dimensions. Failure results in the heroes being stuck in flux until a Shifter can perform ritual teleportation to bring them home! Success means Branch, and any fluxed heroes, are returned.

In gratitude, Branch offers each person a custom TW item. They also gain her, a legendary Techo-Wizard, as a Contact.

Leaving with the loot causes no problems until a few hours later when the items seem to disappear! Occult or detect arcana reveals that the items seem to be in dimensional flux, kind of like the infamous Fadetowns. Fixing the problem requires heading back to the bunker.