More Adventure and Secrets for Lankhmar!

Published On: July 14, 2015Categories: News

Savage Worlds Test Drive with Triple Cross Adventure for LankhmarLankhmar steps to the forefront of Savage Worlds this week!

The new Lankhmar GM Screen with the adventure  the Eyes of Goro’mosh is now available for preorder. This handy screen includes frequently needed charts and references so that you’re both prepared and safe from players’ prying eyes. It also includes a new Lankhmar adventure, the Eyes of Goro’mosh, ready to go.

If you can’t wait or prefer electronic materials, you can get the Lankhmar GM Screen Inserts PDF and the Eyes of Goro’mosh PDF immediately! (Actually, preordering the print gets you the PDF for free—we’re just nice that way.)

The new Savage Worlds Test Drive rules feature an all-new, exclusive Lankhmar adventure. You get enough of the rules to try your own Savage Worlds game, you get the full Lankhmar adventure Triple Cross, and you get it all for free! If you’ve not tried Savage Worlds, this is your chance. If you’re already enjoying our game, be sure to pick up the free adventure!

If you’re planning to be at Gen Con, be sure to find us at the Studio 2 Publishing booth. We’ll have printed copies of the new Savage Worlds Test Drive with Triple Cross available for free—as long as they last, anyway.

Don’t forget the Lankhmar Haiku Contest! Write your best haiku about the world of Lankhmar, tweet it on Twitter or post it on Facebook or Google+, tag Pinnacle in your post/tweet (#SavageHaiku), and e-mail Jodi a link. You’re entered for a shot at $50 credit to the Pinnacle Web Store to spend as you see fit. Contest runs to the end of July, which is coming on us faster than you think!

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