More Deadlands Adventure for Your Virtual Tabletops

Published On: June 8, 2021Categories: New Release, News, VTT

This week, we’ve got a few new releases for Deadlands coming your way for both Roll20 and FoundryVTT!

First up, Roll20 users can now pop into the marketplace and add the Deadlands Weird West Companion and The Horse Eater Module to their virtual game tables. Additionally, both items can be acquired as part of a new Deadlands “Super Bundle” for just $49.99 that includes Deadlands: The Weird West—Core Rules, the Weird West Companion, Deadlands Action Deck, and Expanded Deadlands Pawns & Tokens.

If FoundryVTT is your virtual tabletop of choice, hop into our store now to pick up the Deadlands: The Weird West — Weird West Map Pack Bundle for FoundryVTT today! This bundle contains all eight sides of our Deadlands: the Weird West Map Packs (Grand Saloon, Boot Hill, End of the Line!, and Ambush Pass) formatted, walled, and lit for FoundryVTT! These maps are perfect for Deadlands, Savage Worlds, or any virtual tabletop game using Foundry VTT.

Upgrade your Savage Worlds and Deadlands VTTs with these new products today!

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