More Free Stuff for Necessary Evil: Breakout!

Published On: September 15, 2015Categories: News

Who knew villains could be so generous and giving? Well, maybe villains aren’t, but we can be.

We now have three completely free* freebies for Necessary Evil: Breakout:

Super Foes! This supplement features six ready-to-go generic supers you can add to rival gangs and other encounters to beef ’em up. Sneaky assassins, unmoveable bricks, flashy speedsters, and more are all here for the Game Master to inflict more pain and misery on his villains.

Aliens Update v.2 for Necessary EvilIn addition to bringing the bad guys from the original Necessary Evil up-to-date with the more recent Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion, the newest version has all the  v’sori vehicles from the original game to be compatible with the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

Necessary Races! This freebie updates the Atlantean and Atlantean hybrid racial rules from the original for the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion.

Download them all and enjoy Necessary Evil: Breakout today!

* Heck, I’m pretty sure they’re even gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, and GMO-free. Pretty sure. As always, consult your health professional if in doubt…

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