More Wendigo Tales for The Last Parsec

Published On: September 23, 2014Categories: News

The Last Parsec: ScrappedThe Last Parsec: The SearchersThe Last Parsec: A Clear Understanding of HonorCaptain Morham is on a disabled starship, many of his crew dead. He has no power, no weapons, and no shields. He is in trouble deeper than the space he’s stranded in. The strange alien species that has attacked him has all the cards, except one. Can his clear understanding of alien honor save his otherwise doomed JumpCorp team?

Get the third Wendigo Tales story for The Last Parsec, fresh from the pixel printers today! John Wick’s story joins Shane Hensley’s  The Searchers. and Cameron Dayton’s Scrapped in Wendigo Tales Season 3. Some even say it’s the best of the Wendigo Tale ever, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Why are you still hanging out here on earth? Take to the stars today!

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