Necessary Evil: Breakout Available for Preorder!

Published On: September 1, 2015Categories: News

NE_Breakout_Cover_5inThe villainous resistance of New York City was one of the last to hold against the alien invasion, so the evil v’sori placed Manhattan beneath an unbreakable energy field. Trapped within, the city’s toughest and most cunning super villains must battle it out for food, weapons, resource, and dominance—but they are not alone! Can you survive? Can you Breakout?

Necessary Evil: Breakout, the second book in the series, is actually a prequel set before the events of the Necessary Evil Plot Point Campaign. You’ll need the Savage Worlds core rules and a copy of the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) to play, but you don’t have to have the original Necessary Evil.

Necessary Evil: Breakout is available in your choice of editions. You can get the print copy in either paperback or hardback—both of which come with a free PDF of the book—or you can go all digital and buy the PDF itself. Note that the PDF is not available right now, but you’ll get an e-mail when it is available (which we expect to be sometime this week). For those of you running for groups that like PDF, check out the Necessary Evil: Breakout Player’s Guide—it includes all the materials the players need and come with a site license to print a copy for everyone at the table (and is available immediately)!

Either way, gear up for adventure, because you’re the last, best hope to get off the prison island of Manhattan once and for all!

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