Necessary Evil: Malcontents Audiobook for Savage Worlds from Soundbooth Theater

Published On: April 27, 2021Categories: Audiobook, Media, News

Written by author and game designer Jon Leitheusser, Malcontents is the latest exciting audiobook from Soundbooth Theater set in the universe of Necessary Evil, a setting for Savage Worlds in which an alien invasion has wiped out most of the world’s super heroes, leaving only the super villains to save the Earth!

Stretch is a super villain down on his luck. He’s behind on alimony and child support, and the occasional job for the resistance might help in the war against the alien invaders; but it doesn’t do much for his bank account. His new assignment is to break into the terrible drone factory — where humans are turned into super-enhanced, zombie-like slaves for the v’sori.

But what he finds inside is a little more — and a little more personal — than his next score.

Download Malcontents, another Savage Story of Necessary Evil, from Soundbooth Theater today for just $2.00 USD, and be sure to grab all the other Necessary Evil audiobooks while you’re there including Fallen by Shane Hensley and Purgatory by Ed Stark.

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