New Fiction Imprint Wendigo Tales Launches with Without Fear

Published On: July 23, 2013Categories: News

Wendigo TalesThe wendigo howls with excitement as we present our new line of ebooks under the Wendigo Tales imprint.

Wendigo Tales kicks off with a focus on our Weird Wars lines, starting with a tale from the upcoming Weird Wars Rome!* The first ebook, Without Fear by Shane Lacy Hensley, tells the story of gladiator Magnus Bos, left addled and simple by a fight with a strange gray beast of Aegyptus. But the Thracian was also left without fear, which may be why he’s been purchased and taken to a cursed village on a distant isle, and the strangest arena of his life!

In addition to the upcoming new titles, Wendigo Tales also provides a more consistent home to our existing fiction, such as the Deadlands Dime Novels, Deluge (the novelization of The Flood Plot Point Campaign), Texter (a short thriller written entirely in text messages), and the saga of Kyla Kidd from 50 Fathoms!

*Yes, you heard that right. “The upcoming Weird Wars Rome.” Watch closely next week for more details on that one.

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