New PDFs for Deadlands: A Fight They’ll Never Forget & Map of Gomorra

Published On: October 9, 2018Categories: News

Doomtown: Reloaded’s 2014 relaunch was accompanied with fiction that allowed players to follow the denizens of Gomorra through a new suite of stories. A Fight They’ll Never Forget is a brand new Savage Worlds adventure for Deadlands: The Weird West written by Shane Hensley along with Alex Wirges & David Lapp of of Pine Box Entertainment.

“A shot rings out from the top of Charlie’s Place, ending Roderick Byre’s promising career. Then three more shots ring out and Wilbur Crowley follows his opponent to the afterlife!”

A Fight They’ll Never Forget is set in the fallout of a conspiracy that led to the very public murders of Roderick Byre and Wilbur Crowley—Gomorra’s latest mayoral candidates. It takes place prior to the Plot Point Campaign The Flood and requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Deadlands: The Weird West setting books to play. To accompany this adventure, we’re also now offering a detailed Map of Gomorra (known as “Doomtown” to the unfortunate souls who visit it) for just $2.99.

Grab the PDF of A Fight They’ll Never Forget for just $4.99 and the new Map of Gomorra for only $2.99 and take your posse deep into the heart of Doomtown.

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