New Savage Tales for Deadlands: Lost Colony PLUS Supers

Published On: November 26, 2019Categories: News

Even though delivery of Deadlands: Lost Colony is still a few months away (and thanks once again for another wonderfully successful Kickstarter), we are now offering a 32-page, PDF sneak peek of what lies ahead with A Billion Miles from Home!

From John “Night Train” Goff ( of Deadlands Lost Colony and Noir fame), A Billion Miles from Home sends your spacers to the outer fringes of the Faraway system to discover the fate of the long-lost Bosphorous. What terrors lurk within her frozen halls? And why do they call this region of space, “Johnson’s Folly?”

A Billion Miles From Home is an all-new Savage Tale for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game system. A copy of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is optimal.

Also available for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, Disaster at Gran Atomica is a low-level, contemporary spin on supers (using the new “Gifted” Arcane Background from SWADE) from writer Tracy Sizemore.

The “Star Shards” are tipped off that the local nuclear power plant is about to undergo a strange and terrible accident—one that might just lead to the destruction of all they hold dear. The clock is ticking… Can you solve the riddle of the Light Bringer and infiltrate the Gran Atomica power plant before all hell breaks loose?

Disaster at Gran Atomica includes pregenerated members of the Star Shards superteam, maps, NPCs, and a host of villains ready to put the hurt on your heroes.

Think you’ve got what it takes to save the world?

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