New SWADE Combat & Chase Charts PLUS GM Screen Inserts

Published On: January 29, 2019Categories: News

It’s time to up your game with our revised, SWADE-compatible, Game Master Screen Inserts and Combat & Chase Maneuvers Quick Reference Charts!

First up, our FREE Combat & Chase Maneuvers Quick Reference Charts include the Combat Options and Situational Rules summary, Injury table, Bennies reminders, and everything you need to know about using the Chase Rules or vehicles in your Savage Worlds games.

Second, the Savage Worlds Game Master Screen Inserts contain all the most important tables, reference charts, and a summary of the Combat Options and Situational Rules—plus amazing art selections ripped from the pages of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!

The GM Screen Inserts PDF is designed to work with the Savage Worlds Customizable Game Master’s Screen, available from or through your local game store.

Pick up these handy GM Screen Inserts and Reference Charts from our store today!

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