New & Updated Files for Pinebox Middle School for Savage Worlds

Published On: March 21, 2023Categories: New Release, News, Pinebox Middle School

Great news for all you trouble-bustin’ tweens and teens!

For backers of last year’s Kickstarter for Pinebox Middle School, the following PDFs are ready for you to download and read during detention:

🏫 Pinebox Middle School (v1.1)
🏫 Pinebox Middle School Adventure (GM Screen)
🏫 Pinebox Middle School Archetype Cards
🏫 Pinebox Middle School Ally & Adversary Cards

Please note that while we have already closed up open feedback on the core book (and it is currently being readied for print), should you find any glaring errors, please consolidate them into a single email sent to [email protected], otherwise the book is good to go!

As for the other products, your new feedback is welcome via these links: Adversary CardsArchetype CardsGM Screen Adventures.

Assuming you’ve already redeemed your Kickstarter Pledge at PEGINC.COM (see the Kickstarter update from December 16th if you haven’t), the above files are currently waiting for you over in your Downloads under the My Account link at the top right of the website.

💀 We kindly ask that you please not distribute these files. We depend on physical and digital sales to keep bringing you great content. Bootleg, draft, and incomplete versions that make their way to pirate sites undermine our ability to maintain quality control and give downloaders a mistaken impression of the quality of the final product in addition to lost sales.

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