Now Available in Our Store—SWADE Virtual Tabletop License for Fantasy Grounds

Published On: January 26, 2021Categories: News

If you want to jump right in and start running and playing Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds, we are now offering product keys for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Virtual Tabletop License in our store for just $9.99!

This updated product includes everything you need to play with the new #SWADE rules on Fantasy Grounds including:

  • Savage Worlds v5.0 ruleset
  • Many new features and improvements
  • Backward compatible with older Savage Worlds Fantasy Grounds products and modules
  • SWADE rule book modules
  • Rules in reference manual format with beautiful artwork
  • Drag-and-drop supported Races, Hindrances, Edges, Skills, Gear, Powers and more!
  • Roll-able Tables
  • Bestiary
  • 40+ new tokens and 50+ new portraits

Upgrade your Savage Worlds Adventure Edition experience with Fantasy Grounds today!

???? Please note that this key requires an active subscription or a one-time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license. There is no difference between this product at and the one sold at Fantasy Grounds.

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