Now on Kickstarter! The New Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion!

Published On: February 20, 2024Categories: Crowdfunding, News, Science Fiction Companion for SWADE

Our Booster Campaign for the new Science Fiction Companion for SWADE is now LIVE on Kickstarter and it’s time to pledge your support!

Like space itself, the science fiction genre is massive, encompassing everything from dystopian tales of a grim near-future to star-hopping tales of far-flung galactic adventure.

The new Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion allows you to emulate ANY SF world from games, novels, movies, and TV OR those of your own creation.

Here’s what you’ll find within its 200+ pages:

🪐 New character ancestries, options, Edges, and Hindrances for everything from star-spanning humans to most any alien creature you can imagine.
🪐 Customizable and premade suits of power armor, starships, and vehicles of all sorts. You can make anything from the vintage Mercury space capsule to world-wrecking behemoths!
🪐 Pages of new and updated gear to help you run the dystopian streets or exotic planets, and a massive arsenal of weapons and armor!
🪐 An all-new event-based system for quickly and easily running chases, dogfights, and vehicular shootouts!
🪐 Narrative Outpost rules, the SF take on the narrative system first introduced in the new Super Powers Companion! Build a unique base for your party in the heart of a dying star, the drifting ruins of a space hulk, or the penthouse of a crowded industrial city.
🪐 New setting rules for everything from netrunning to starship combat to transhumanism PLUS a whole new simplified system for handling massive vehicular weapons and vehicular armor we call HEAVY METAL!!!
🪐 Brand new arcane backgrounds, psionic abilities, and even psychically powered weapons!
🪐 A HUGE bestiary of scoundrels, xenos, monsters, and evil empires to challenge!
🪐 Dozens of strange and alien artifacts to discover!

It also includes Fast! Furious! Fun! rules for over a dozen new ancestries, starships and space travel, air, land, and sea vehicles, giant war-walkers, cyberware, robots, exploration gear, weapons, armor, transhumanism, netrunning, Arcane Backgrounds, and Setting Rules to help you run everything from space opera to the hardest science fiction. And like all our Companions, it contains a VAST menagerie of strange and alien creatures to fight or befriend, including xenos, evil empires, and fellow travelers!

You’ll also find several new Setting Rules to help you expertly run everything from space opera to high science fiction at your game tables.

Slip into your spacesuit, power up your plasma rifle, and space hop over to the Kickstarter to check out the many print and digital reward levels offered for the new Science Fiction Companion for SWADE! 🚀

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