On Equality and Justice

Published On: June 16, 2020Categories: News

Like everyone, we’re devastated by the situation in the United States right now, and hope that somehow we can all find a way forward together.

Our individual team members donate time and money, speak out on social issues, and often disagree with each other on specific topics. That’s something we encourage. But regardless of any nuances in our views, we’re all united in fighting racism, oppression, and violence.

We advocate substantive changes to the systems that support and encourage these gross injustices and stand by all those who want to bring about a better world.

We’ve discussed and sought advice on how we might show our support from those with various points of view, including people of color, and have chosen to do so with the Innocence Project, a charity working to free those currently incarcerated and wrongly convicted of crimes. We encourage you to look into the charity yourself, and if you want to support the work they’re doing, please consider donating directly.

Pinnacle made a donation to the Innocence Project. In addition, all proceeds from our Harlem Hellfighters Bundle—tales of the all black 369th Regiment who served with the American Expeditionary Forces—will be donated to the Innocence Project from now on.

The Harlem Hellfighters Bundle includes:

Hellfighters, a Plot Point Campaign for the Weird War I setting that follows the exploits of the American 369th Infantry Regiment from the time the unit is attached to the French army until shortly after the Second Battle of the Marne. The campaign covers a period of five months and covers a wide geographic area of the Western Front.

The bundle also includes a Wendigo Tales short story about the Hellfighters: Sergeant Buck Henry’s men said they’d follow him to Hell and back. Somewhere along the French front, they just might get the chance to prove it.

The 369th Infantry Regiment is home to the African-American “Harlem Hellfighters.” Their regiment spent the most time in the frontline trenches of any American unit in World War 1…and suffered the most casualties as well.

One hundred years ago, these men fought bravely and gave their lives for this country with the hope that their service would help bring an end to racism. It’s long overdue.

Click here to make a donation to the Innocence Project now:

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