One Week Left for The Big Easy on Kickstarter

Published On: February 26, 2019Categories: News

The Kickstarter for The Big Easy: A Deadlands Noir Card Game packs it in on Thursday, March 7th, so pledge your support today.

Thanks to you, the fearsome Lamia is now stalking the streets of The Big Easy, and next up, at $15,000, the Femme Fatale case (and all the cards that go with it) gets added to the base game:

A series of murders seems to be targeting men of a particular type. The cheating kind!

In the dingy dives and back-alley bars of The Big Easy, there’s a murderer on the loose, and the killer seems intent on picking off unfaithful men. The cops don’t handle these cases very delicately, and the families of well-to-do philanderers have a lot to hide. A gumshoe’s work is never done!

In Femme Fatale the gumshoes track down a laundry list of dangerous dames, seeking for the right suspect. This Case also adds four additional cards specifically themed to this mystery.

Are you ready to walk the rain soaked streets of The Big Easy? Pledge your support on Kickstarter today before it’s too late!

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