One Week Until Legend of Ghost Mountain Launches on GameChanger

Published On: August 9, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, News, The Legend of Ghost Mountain

We are now just ONE WEEK away from the arrival of the Legend of Ghost Mountain for Savage Worlds on GameChanger!

The Legend of Ghost Mountain is a “Savage Saga,” a new type of gaming experience for Savage Worlds. Players take the role of one of five heroes facing a dire threat to the entire world of the living. These detailed pre-generated characters must uncover mysteries, make world-changing decisions, and lead the battle against a literal army of the rebellious dead.

“Each of the characters is part of the story, with specific hooks to important characters and locations within the Saga. Some of these connections are positive and offer special options. Others draw the attention of dangerous rivals or invoke a warden’s most personal weaknesses.

“Players have the option of creating their own Ghost Wardens with new Edges and options, and finding new ways to weave them into the legend.”

The incredible Legend of Ghost Mountain Boxed Set features:

  • A 128-page core book containing options for customizing heroes, a history and gazetteer of the setting, the Face the Inevitable Savage Saga itself, and a bestiary of various foes.
  • Ghost Warden Archetypes featuring each iconic Warden’s story and descriptions of their powers.
  • Six sheets of full-color, double-sided creature and character pawns.
  • Two double-sided fold-out poster maps.
  • A gorgeous map of the Central Empire to track your Ghost Warden’s progress as they choose their path and race across the country to face the Inevitable Army!

To learn more, check out this one-on-one discussion with designer Darrell Hayhurst:

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