Part II of The Twilight Protocol from ChupacabraCon VI

Published On: May 14, 2019Categories: News

“The Texas Rangers (counterpart to the Agency) and Agency invoke the Twilight Protocol, joining forces against the coming darkness.”

A couple weeks back, the cast of WildCardsSaving Throw Show’s Savage Worlds livestream, gathered for the second thrilling installment of a special Deadlands trilogy at ChupacabraCon in Round Rock, TX.

Players participating in Doomtown round-ups at the convention were able to influence the continuation of this story which will now lead to the third and FINAL part to take place in Tombstone, AZ, for this year’s Doomtown Destination Round-Up in October!

You can watch the second session in its entirety right here!

To join in on the post-ChupacabraCon discussion and see the decklists from the events, head over to the Pine Box forum.

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