Pathfinder®, Flash Gordon™, & SWADE Shipping Update!

Published On: February 15, 2022Categories: New Release, News

Word has it that Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds, the Flash Gordon™ RPG: Legends of Mongo Booster Box, and the new printing of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition are finally in the queue and ready to be loaded onto a cargo ship!

This is the final stage before we get notified that the ship has set sail and your books and other goodies are on their way. We appreciate the patience you’ve given us and are so happy that we finally have some good shipping news for you.

Normally we wait until things are on the water before this sort of update, but we wanted to let you all know where everything currently stands.

And while you wait, if you want to brave the perilous Pacific at your game table, the leviathan image featured in this update comes from the Expedition: South Pacific supplement for our popular Victorian horror setting, Rippers Resurrected! We’ve discounted this book 25% until that real world ship arrives on our shores so you can enjoy some high seas adventures while your crowdfunding rewards traverse the waves.

Thanks for taking this (long) journey with us. We really appreciate your patience and understanding!

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