Pathfinder Revolution! from Steve Jackson Games

Published On: July 26, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, News, PFSW Curse of the Crimson Throne

While we’re still celebrating our successful Kickstarter campaign for Curse of the Crimson Throne and the new Advanced Player’s Guide for Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds, we are excited to let you know about another way you can experience bold new adventures in the great city of Korvosa!

Right now, our good friends with Steve Jackson Games are running a Kickstarter to fund the Pathfinder Revolution board game!

“Behold the city of Korvosa, the gateway to fabled Varisia. Those with the most guile, cunning, and simple brute force control the city. Welcome to Pathfinder Revolution!

“Secretly bid against your opponents for control of important people and guilds, gaining influence in different regions throughout the city, as well as more gold, power, or blackmail for your war chest. Gold can sway the Guildmaster, and blackmail may turn the Hellknight to your side, but sometimes the only answer to a problem is force. Can you use the tools of gutter statecraft, bluff or outguess your opponents, and build a coalition to control the city? Make your bid for power!

“A reimplementation of Revolution! by Steve Jackson Games, Pathfinder Revolution! makes some improvements on the classic, introduces elements of expansion material into the core game, rebalances some elements, and sets it all in the lush world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Paizo.”

Visit the Kickstarter page today to review the stretch goals and add-ons and to pledge your support for Pathfinder Revolution!

And don’t forget that if you missed out on our recent campaign for Curse of the Crimson Throne, you can STILL preorder everything that was offered with the knowledge that your order will fulfill at the exact same time as original backers AND will come with all the complimentary PDFs!

Visit our Game Changer page right now and click on one of the Preorder Bundles in the sidebar to get started.

* Please note that Kickstarter backers should NOT pledge a second time in the Game Changer, but wait for Kickstarter to collect your data and pass it along to us.

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