PDF Combat Maps: More Places to Fight in the Weird and Wasted Wests

Published On: May 19, 2015Categories: News

Stone and a Hard Place Combat Map Set 1Even if you’re not lookin’ for a fight, you might have one. And even if you’re just standin’ there talking among the tumblebleeds and the junkers, you still gotta be standing somewhere! With our newest map PDFs, we’ve got you covered, partner.

The Stone and a Hard Place PDF Combat Map Set I brings you a whole new town for your Western games. You get your own church, a jail, the sheriff’s office, a hotel, and a nice little house with a barn. You can scale and print what you want, create a town, or churn out a whole string of ’em! It’s your call.

Hell on Earth Wasteland Combat MapsThe Hell on Earth Wasteland PDF Combat Map Set gives you two new desert wasteland terrains with rocky spires. Fill in the desolation of that gaming table with the proper desolation of the Wasted West! While you’re at that particular radioactive itch, remember the Hell on Earth book bundles and minis bundles to scratch it with a little less scratch…

That might be all for now, but it ain’t all, my friends. Keep watching for more maps, maybe even Hell on Earth: Wasteland Highway Combat Map Sets with a full set of car figure flats. You know, just maybe.

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