PEG Q&A Panel Highlights from Hollerween 2020

Published On: November 17, 2020Categories: News

One of the most exciting events that took place during Hollerween (Pinnacle’s first, official Savage Worlds online convention) was the PEG Q&A Panel.

This hour-long seminar, moderated by Christopher Landauer, featured Shane Hensley, Jodi Black, Simon Lucas, and Jessica Rogers all offering up news and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming Savage Worlds products.

A few highlights from this panel include:

  • The Blood Drive trilogy (originally published for Deadlands Reloaded) is being updated and expanded for a new hardcover release.
  • All four Savage Worlds Companions (Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, and Supers) are being completely reworked, and the Fantasy Companion may be released as early as Q1 2021.
  • East Texas University: Study Abroad will focus on four different countries and their unique horrors.
  • All existing Rippers Resurrected: Expeditions supplements will be compiled into a boxed set.
  • Necessary Evil 3 is a cosmic-level campaign a la Guardians of the Galaxy that will be unleashed after the release of the Supers Companion.
  • The next Savage Rifts® book takes the fight to… Atlantis!

If you missed out on Hollerween, the best place to watch all the other archived content is either on our YouTube channel or over on our Twitch channel (and be sure to “follow” us—and turn those notifications on— so you’ll know when we stream again).

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